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Products We Love !!

Having spent over 30 years in nearly every corner of the puppy and dog business, we have encountered a wide variety of products and services - some great and some not so much.  Our customers often ask what products we use and where they can be purchased.  While we're happy to answer any questions our customers may have, we thought including a list of our current favorites here makes each just a few clicks away.   These pages are a collection of products we currently favor for quality, availability and value.

Click the buttons below for the product pages for these general categories.


New products are hitting the market constantly and as we find something new that we love, we'll add to this list.  So, be sure to check back from time to time.


Chattahoochee Kennels receives no payment from the manufacturers of any of these products.  If you DO make a purchase after clicking through our website, we receive a modest sales commission from the vendor.  This helps pay for the time we spend evaluating new products and keeping this page up to date.  Hopefully, it will save you time, money and you'll enjoy these products as much  as we do!

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