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Why Us?

So you've decided you want a puppy.  Congratulations!! - you're about to begin a wonderful journey. 


Now you have some decisions to make.  Selecting a quality breeder is one of the most important.  Below are several topics you should consider and discuss when evaluating a breeder.

  • How and where are their puppies bred?

  • Where are their puppies born?

  • How and where are their puppies nurtured in their first weeks of life?

  • With whom you will be making the financial transaction?

  • What support you can expect after you take your little one home?

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What do their other customers have to say?


These days, what we do is quite rare.  Our team handles the entire process at our facility north of Metro Atlanta – from conception to "go home day"!  You’ll have an opportunity to visit a litter before selecting your puppy, meet the litter's parents and visit again after you’ve made your pick.  Weekly video updates allow you to watch the pups grow between visits.  Our expert breeder will answer all your questions and personally guide you through the entire process.

We’re far from the largest breeder out there, but we believe our size and hands-on approach produces a superior result - happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies and thoroughly satisfied customers.

Want to know more about us?  Below are three sections to get you started – just scroll down or click on the underlined text below to jump straight to that section.  Then let us hear from you.  We love to talk puppies!!

 - About Us – Who we are and what we do.

 - Interview – A recent podcast episode featuring our founder, Beth Bruchmann.

 - Testimonials – See what our customers are saying – new and old alike

Sister Hazel Rae

About Us

About Chattahoochee Kennels

Mini Goldendoodles

Raisin Cain and Oakley

Chattahoochee Kennels, a boutique breeder, produces Goldendoodles, and on an occasion, a litter of Standard Poodles.  We breed for even temperament, fun loving personality, clean health and stunning appearance.  Our goal is to provide our customers with quality puppies that will bring many years of joy and happiness.

From birth, our puppies are raised in the home/kitchen area ensuring they receive ample attention and early age development using the "Puppy Culture" program.  The results increase your odds of raising a happy, socially successful, trainable dog with a well rounded disposition.  

Our adult dogs are members of our family.  They are all DNA and Health/Genetic tested through Embark Lab.  This confirms the dogs are free of breed specific genetic diseases prior to becoming parents.

Prior to joining their new family, our puppies have been examined by a licensed Veterinarian, received age appropriate shots and worming.  We send you home with a litter scented toy and a portfolio containing all Vet records, a health warranty, spay/neuter contract and a list of recommendations to ease the transition to their new home.    

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end on "go home" day. Should questions or challenges arise, we are available via email or phone to provide answers and/or recommendations.

Located in the town of Cumming, north of Metro Atlanta, we are a short drive from most of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas.  


Interview on the Relevate Podcast


Recently, we were featured in an episode of the Relevate Podcast, hosted by Rena Olsen.  Our founder, Beth Bruchmann speaks with Rena about doodles, selecting a breeder, advancements in genetic testing, basic puppy training and much, much more.

Click on the picture to listen ! 

We hope you enjoy !!


Customer Testimonials

Mark - Aug, 2021  -  Atlanta, GA

Chattahoochee Kennels pride themselves on selecting the best dogs to breed, they do their homework, and the pups are wonderful. Their kind and generous nature shine through, and they care where their pups go as well. My dog is 8 years old, and I have referred many people who fell in love with her to get their own dogs from Chattahoochee Kennels, all of us with the same experience. Ten stars...

Gale - Aug 2021  -  Concord, NH

My brother and my sister both adopted puppies from Chattahoochee Kennels and know Beth personally, so how could I resist their recommendations? We drove to Georgia all the way from New Hampshire and it was worth every mile and every hotel room expense! Our Toby, a golden doodle is now six month old. He is the best! However, the experience with Beth and Chattahoochee Kennels was really the most important part I’m trying to share in this review.


Beth posted videos of the puppies when they were born and again every week until we had our puppy in our arms! She was also so flexible. Of course we could not be present for the actual puppy choosing day, so she accommodated my son and zoomed so we could choose our puppy from New Hampshire! And then when we arrived on our pick up day she accommodated the 10 of us that arrived! We got to meet our puppy’s birth mom and birth dad and got to take lots of pictures. It was such a great experience all around.

Brandon - July, 2021  -  Duluth, GA

Hey! I just had to write a review on here for how great my experience has been! In the past, my family got an adorable doodle from Beth at Chattahoochee Kennels. Her name is Luna and she is now a couple of years old, and my family couldn't imagine life without her.


I just recently moved out of my family's house and got an apartment of my own. Starting this new journey, me and my partner decided to go back to Chattahoochee Kennels to get a puppy of our own. We LOVE our little dood! Every experience I have had with Beth has been amazing! I highly recommend anyone looking to get a doodle/amazing pup to message Beth at Chattahoochee Kennels.

Matt – July 2021  -  Roswell, GA


Best Goldendoodles! Beth is so responsive & great to work with. We love our Lexi & Bentley so much!!



David – July 2021  -  Kennesaw, GA

This kennel is excellent. The breeder is knowledgeable and takes great care of the puppies as well as the parents. She socializes them before allowing them to go to their forever home.


I have gotten 4 dogs from her and will happily go back for another when the time comes. Also she is very reasonable on pricing especially considering the quality of the animals. I have never had a serious issue with any of her progeny.

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